Brother Zacchary’s Snake Fluid


Waterbased lap lubricant, coolant and cleaner for polar (Waterbased) polishing methods.

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The polar (Waterbased) version of “Professor Ignatius Brand Snake Oil”, that is used for oil based polishes.
Brother Zacchary’s Snake Fluid in intended for WATER BASED diamond and oxide polishing. This will be especially helpful to the 100 K& 60K Blakstik users but also for the other waterbased formulations as well and the Oxide BATTSTIKS. This has also been very effective on sintered laps.

Brother Zacchary will reduce the need for using a mister. In some cases, breathing on the lap will work. It probably will not work this way in very low relative humidity.

It initially acts as a lubricant by itself when applied sparingly. The polish can then be applied. Small mounts of moisture can be added with a mister if needed. A moist water wipe effectively cleans the lap during and after use.

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