The Gearloose Web Store and the Gearloose Dealers are simple ways to obtain these popular products and services.

Effective August 1, 2015, we no longer offer quotations for institutional RFQs. We approached charter dealers to service these accounts, and they declined to do so.  Like us, they run simple stores, similar to a local hardware store.

We do offer quotations on custom or special products, but generally the products sold by all of us are regularly stocked standard articles of regular commerce, with listed prices, just as in any web-store.  In effect, it is no different than walking into a hardware store and buying a hammer.


No credit card information is stored on our servers, all transactions are handled off-site via SSL secured connection to PCI-DSS compliant servers ensuring the security of your information. We strive to always respect the privacy of our customers and the integrity of their information.


Generous warranty policies and customer support have been publicly recognized frequently on the online forums. Orders are shipped promptly, with no “extras” such as “Handling”, etc.  In most cases shipping charges are rounded down.


No product precursors are ever shipped here with HAZMAT labels.  We do not produce environmentally hazardous waste streams, and aggressively recycle.

We are a lead-free business, and pay premium prices for the tin and other metals we use. These metals are lead and cadmium free ~20 PPM.

Nothing we sell legally requires an MSDS.

All products are nontoxic. We could actually make better-performing and more profitable products were we to abandon these principles, but nobody ever succeeded by poisoning their customers or themselves.


  •  We do not resurface lead-containing laps made by other manufacturers.
  •  Polishing products are made with hypoallergenic materials, FD&C Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS).


Employees are well compensated, have flexible hours, and are offered private Health Insurance and a retirement program.

We have no Minimum Wage employees.

In short, we run this business they way we wished all our former employers had run theirs.