The popular BATT™ “On Steroids”

These laps laps make livings for people, and gives the competition cutter the tools to win.

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BA5T™ is a completely different alloy family than the BATT™ alloys (The old alloy, and the 2007 alloy), and has a different “Feel” when polishing.

These descriptions result from the lower Coefficient of Friction and different Fractal Dimension (Surface complexity of its microstructure) compared to other tin alloys, including BATT™.

These laps are intended for the experienced BATT™ user who requires a harder-finer-grained lap for HIGH SPEED PRODUCTION POLISHING processes.

The very complex alloy, having attendant casting quirks requires a heavy (“Pro-Weight”) 2.5 Kg casting, and extra machining steps. This of course allows more resurfacings for a longer service life.

For someone slaving under a stopwatch for a living, they are cheap, but the regular production “BATT™” will always remain the best Price/Performance value for the hobbyist.

BA5T™ contains silver and other cost drivers that make it impossible for it to be a cheap product.

Competition cutters want to win, some at any cost. They don’t care about a few Dollars. Commercial and Professional cutters know that “cutting tools” are fully tax-deductible and depreciated in one year. Cutting hundreds of stones a year, a BA5T will polish better and faster, and pay for itself quickly. So they don’t care what the BA5T™ costs at all..which is, in their case, arguably, “Nothing”.


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