With 60K or 100K diamond, or the BLAKSTIK™ series of polycrystalline diamond,Two Things:



A stone slayer especially on harder stones..corundum, CZ, topaz, and Moissanite


Does it WORK?

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The 8″ DiaMatrix™ is a toughened, hardened version of the popular MATRIX™with a lower complexity that forces a high concentration monolayer on the surface of the lap, providing significantly sharper meets and flatter facets.

It is optimized for diamond use, and in particular, for use with the BLAKSTIK™ water-dispersable polycrystalline diamond series of products.


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  1. Dennis Anderson

    The Diamatrix has become my favorite lap for pre-polish and diamond final polish. Although I have not seen any approval by Jon of how I have used this lap, I pre-polish with 8k and then scrub it clean with Lava soap twice. I then polish with 60k PCD or 100k then scrub it twice again with Lava soap. I have found it great for Spinel, Corundum, Garnets and CZ.

  2. jon

    8K is pretty fine at 3µ, but it will get you sooner or later. Because the lap does have a controlled porosity, there will always be some lurking, even though it is a shallow-charging lap. The best way to do this is to take a marker and make a boundary an inch or so to the edge, and use this band for prepolishing. Centrifugal downstream contamination from the polishing zone would be harmless. I hesitate to applaud the practice of using two grits on the same surface in part because some people would consider it a broad license to go from cutting grits. Years ago, on the USFG list, someone described a money saving tip: Cut on the lap, run it through the dishwasher, prepolish, run it through the dishwasher, and then polish. This will not end well. Another issue is that hundreds of people make diamond compounds, with all that implies. If you used our 8K, it is accurately graded from US ISO-900x certified suppliers. I have no idea what other people use.

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